A radical change of gear

VanMoof wanted more control: no more third-party retailers. A radical change in which digital is the focal point of sales and stories. We helped them make that transition. From choosing your bike, to keeping it ship-shape, to finding it back if it’s stolen— VanMoof believes the whole shebang should be completely, delightfully effortless.

Build your own bike

We worked closely with the VanMoof team to connect the online shop experience to the service of the brand and the stories of its community. We built a bike configurator showing the user how easy it is to customise. Motion makes it all come alive.

Google & Momkai

We were asked by Google Zoo to explore various situations where Google technology could help to get the most out of their bike. By removing barriers and exploring connectivity the prototype makes cycling and commuting in the city even more fun.

Big in Japan

We made sure that the platform spoke to people all around the world. For the launch of a new model designed we worked together with UltraSuperNew in Tokyo. Research on behaviour and habits of Japanese users led to an improved user experience. We illustrated a little ‘kawaii’ character to introduce product details.

Ride outside the box

A digital platform of equal quality and simplicity as the iconic bikes.

VanMoof & Momkai


  • Illustration
  • Art direction
  • Strategy
  • Platform design
  • Motion design
  • Development
  • Technical direction
  • Branding
  • Concept

Creating VanMoof’s new global digital direction from scratch, we aimed for platforms and prototypes that provide an experience that's delightfully effortless.

For more information contact managing director Ruben Brug via +31 20 4230183 or ruben@momkai.com.

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