We are Momkai, the Memberful Design Studio. Through strategic insight, we help you craft communities that last.

As societies and organizations, we face increasingly complex challenges. From rising sea levels to entrenched polarization, none of us can solve these type of problems on our own. It takes communities coming together. Go beyond the transactional, with movements and brands that are designed for belonging.

With memberful design, we find creative solutions that build lasting connections. We bring people together – through brand strategy, award-winning holistic design, and clear communication – to create meaningful change. Break through the noise and inspire action. Because together, we redefine shared success.

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We launched global platforms, built impactful brands, and created crowdfunding movements that broke world-records, twice.

Firestarters are what we call the founders and change-makers we help to spark big ideas into life. We address values-driven leaders that absorb pressure, unite people, and inspire meaningful change. Global experts in their field – and they trust us with ours. Lasting impact comes from working together.

We believe that people don’t connect with mere facts; they resonate with storytellers and their narratives. Our design philosophy centers on cultivating calm, so only the content can drive you to distraction. In 2016, our founder Harald Dunnink unveiled this philosophy at the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art in Amsterdam. These principles are the foundation of all our creations.

Philosophy of cultivating calm

What others say about Momkai

Marc Randolph
On our book cover design for his biography:
I love this cover. All the international editions (including US) struggled to find the balance between showing that this book was about the early days of Netflix, but was - more importantly (to me) - about the process of making dreams come true, no matter what those dreams were. Mostly I wanted to make it clear to readers this wasn't the 'Netflix" story. This cover design did this beautifully. Congrats to the team."
Jimmy Wales
On our strategic crowdfunding campaign:
I love that you recognize the potential of working together with readers, just like us at WikiTribune. If we both succeed in bringing this potential to life, it could truly be transformative for journalism in years to come. I am really fascinated by De Correspondent and also by your incredibly successful crowdfunding campaign."

We cofounded De Correspondent, now the third largest member-funded journalism platform in the world.

News as we know it leaves us cynical, divided, and less informed. De Correspondent is founded on 10 memberful principles that outline the commitment to independent, ad-free, and inclusive journalism. Our launch reached a record-amount of members.

Five years later, the global campaign for unbreaking news followed. 45,888 members in 130 countries set a new world-record in journalism crowdfunding.

According to Press Gazette, it's now the third largest membership journalism platform in the world, after The Guardian and Die Zeit.

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Companies and collectives that have been co-founded and branded by Momkai

Lowdi Speaker
Music Community
De Correspondent
Journalism Community
Dutch Digital Design
Design Community
Embassy of Good Science
European Science Community
HYMN Theater
Music Community
Memberful Design Podcast
Creative Business Community
Verwondering Podcast
Creative Community
Master Digital Design
International Student Community

Too often branding tends to be mere decoration. Only a distinct few brands remain committed to their promise.

We challenge all to adopt the long-term view, striving for lasting impact.

How we work

Online and in real life, we help you build beautiful brands and engaged communities.

We bring creatives that focus on impact.

We bring creatives that focus on impact.

We take a deep dive into your organization and its members to create a solid foundation with a strategy and a plan to execute, guiding every action.

We work as equals and build trust.

We work as equals and build trust.

You and your members know your organization best. By challenging each other, we get the most impact out of the collaboration and create a distinctive brand that lasts.

We set a working and a steering group.

We set a working and a steering group.

We build momentum and involve the right ambassadors at the right time. Only when a support base is created from the early beginning, you can make a real difference when building your brand.

How work we made received international recognition

Red Dot Design Awards
Multiple Best of the Best
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Multiple Gold, Silver, Bronze
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Multiple Gold, Silver, Bronze
The Webby Awards
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Multiple Site of the Day
Multiple Site of the Day
ADCN Creativity Awards
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D&AD Awards

Cover story first Dutch Designers magazine

Dunnink’s personal audio tour at Stedelijk Museum

Featured in Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun

Launching our design philosophy at Stedelijk Museum

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