We are Momkai, a strategic design agency for meaningful member experiences.

Momkai is the initiator of memberful design. We create meaningful member experiences online and in the real world — from design strategy and brand identities to digital platforms and launch events. We've helped to establish global platforms, break crowdfunding records, and build impactful brands.

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Our designs cultivate calm – so only the content can drive you to distraction.

Our philosophy is to cultivate calm. These principles underpin all the work that we design and develop. We believe that people don’t connect to merely facts; they connect to storytellers and their stories. In 2016, we introduced this design philosophy of calm at the Stedelijk Museum of modern art.

As written by our founder, Harald Dunnink.

We're co-founders of De Correspondent, the ad-free, member-funded journalism platform for unbreaking news.

News as we know it leaves us cynical, divided, and less informed. De Correspondent is founded on 10 principles that outline the commitment to independent and inclusive journalism. For the launch in 2013, our campaign reached a world record-amount of members through crowdfunding. In 2018, the English-language campaign followed. In 30 days, 45,888 members in 130 countries set a new member-record in journalism crowdfunding.

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Made by Momkai, Verwondering is an eye-opening podcast about design.

In Verwondering, our creative director Harald Dunnink talks with other designers and entrepreneurs about impact. Together they explore what makes good design work. Guests include Hussein Suleiman, founder of Daily Paper and Stedelijk design curator Amanda Pinatih. Since design begs to be seen, we combine this with a platform full of galleries: the visual show notes.

"A world is opening up for you"


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