Ahead of the crowd

Opposing the childish stroller-design norm with its cartoons and pastel colours, Bugaboo’s elegant products allow parents to reclaim their style. We applied the company’s disruptive mindset to shake up the typical e-commerce separation between rich browsing and sober buying. The goal: to create a seamless experience that balances branding and shopping throughout the user journey.

Step into a world

A bold, spacious design invites the website visitor into Bugaboo’s world. Colour-coding, distinctive fonts and full-screen visuals immerse the user from the first click. Because any page can form a first impression, the brand, specs and sales are always visible. The site confidently guides users while constantly echoing Bugaboo’s core values.

Stroll in style

A highlight of the site is the configurator – a tool that lets users play with, personalise, and purchase strollers and accessories. Photorealistic 3D-models show them the product from every angle as they try out different fabrics and mix and match colours to find their ideal configuration. This smooth interactive tool brings users as close to the products as is digitally possible.

Bugaboo Passport app

Bugaboo excels at keeping parents on the move. But customers don’t always know about the company’s clever innovations, outstanding service, and inspiring stories. So we created an app alongside the website to make them aware – and to encourage them to get out and explore, from the urban jungle to the beach. Bugaboo Passport helps owners using iOS and Android to get the most out of their strollers, strengthening the relationship between parents and the brand.

Bugaboo Global & Momkai


  • Illustration
  • Art direction
  • Strategy
  • Platform design
  • Motion design
  • Development
  • Technical direction

Inspired by how Bugaboo has revolutionised the world of stroller design, Momkai has been happy to join and guide its global digital adventure. The two companies share a design-driven approach that unites aesthetics with functionality and looks ahead to the future of mobility.

Building Bugaboo’s new global digital platforms from scratch, we took the opportunity to rethink everything, aiming for a platform and app that would provide an experience as smooth, aesthetic and inspiring as the product itself.

For more information contact managing director Ruben Brug via +31 6 81844170 or ruben@momkai.com.

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