Golazo: Crafting the brand that moves Europe and beyond

Belgian powerhouse Golazo, one of Europe's leading sports organizers, has evolved into a well-being movement. As the unseen force behind impactful events like the NN Marathon Rotterdam and supporting record-breaking athletes such as Kelvin Kiptum, Golazo is dedicated to fostering a happier, healthier society. The brand's new strategy places it firmly in the spotlight, with a design that showcases a united identity embodying both collective spirit and competition.

Brand Architecture: Uniting for Impact

Founded in Belgium by Bob Verbeeck, a former Olympic athlete, Golazo has grown into a big player in the sports marketing, corporate well-being, and event industry. Golazo's growth strategy involves uniting diverse efforts under a singular brand, pivotal for the company's expansion through global acquisitions and expertise integration.

The holistic approach to well-being, from workplace wellness to large-scale events, is a testament to this unified vision, creating a narrative that pushes the movement forward. This rebrand and rename to one Golazo in Europe and Africa is the next milestone in that journey, encapsulating a united brand strategy and design system.

Your Next Move: A Slogan with Purpose

The slogan Your Next Move represents more than Golazo's why; it's the philosophy of progression and excellence. The slogan unifies marketing efforts under a singular guiding principle, inspiring people to join and be advocates in a shared cause.

Following on from the core message, we created seven guiding principles that lead the movement of Golazo in every decision and every next step, reflecting a commitment to continuous improvement.

A Unified Ecosystem That Serves Every Role

Golazo’s brand philosophy extends beyond being a business. It's about a collective spirit to impact society, encouraging individuals to strive for their best lives. We’ve captured that feeling in the brand's color scheme, building on universal symbols of natural beauty and hope.

Within the realm of Golazo, the audience moves fluently through the company’s offering. One day members might be cycling on the Bolero EK Gravel, the other day they might be briefing a marketing activation event for the UEFA cup and the next they might be in the audience of the Allianz Memorial van Damme. Maintaining a consistent experience across different levels of engagement is essential in building lasting impact. Thanks to a scalable design system, Golazo is able to serve the fluidity of modern roles.

Design for Collective Experiences

Every brand asset is crafted to embody movement, creating a visual language that resonates with the brand's core values of dynamism and progress. This reinforces Golazo's commitment to an engaging community-centered experience.

By harnessing the power of visual storytelling, we have created a dynamic, scalable brand identity for Golazo. With over 300 events annually, ranging from local sports gatherings to large-scale international competitions, required an identity that could adapt seamlessly across various contexts. We crafted each asset to ensure scalability, whether it's for intimate community marathons or grand stadium-filled spectacles.

Brand Roadmap to a Healthier Europe

As Golazo's future unfolds with promise, the Brand Book serves as a guiding light. It's an invitation to all team members in Europe and Africa to be part of Golazo's story, a movement of unity and well-being, and an embodiment of the brand's next move.

This step is just the beginning of a broader strategy to make a lasting impact on society. Based on the brand guidelines, Golazo can start to infuse renewed energy in everything they do, bringing their vision and values to life in new and exciting ways.