KNVB: Revolutionizing Youth Football Coaching with an Innovative Platform

Skill development flourishes best through playful learning. The Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB), in its longstanding commitment to nurturing young talent, has partnered with us to create Rinus, an advanced and interactive coaching tool. Online exercises and comprehensive training programs, tailored specifically for youth trainers, empowering the next generation of football players.

Inspired by leading coach Rinus Michels

The KNVB is a household name in the Netherlands. With 1.2 million members, the KNVB is the biggest sports association in the country. The majority of its 70,000 youth football trainers are volunteers. We teamed up to give them the right training tool, Rinus. Inspired by the legendary Rinus Michels (1928 - 2005), who was named by France Football and by FIFA as the leading coach of the 20th century.

KNVB as a driver of innovation

Rinus offers training exercises with video guides, as well as tips and tricks by experts in the field. To ensure the future of the game, football must be able to meet the requirements of today's generation and the next. From a visual perspective, a colourful set with lively illustrations and clear icons keep the platform reliable and inclusive. Easy to use for amateur trainers, making Rinus educational and playful.

Let young people enjoy football

Training at a young age makes itself felt throughout life. The KNVB wants society to reap what it sows. As such, extending training courses and the curriculum is an important spearhead for the KNVB. The association encourages trainers to think ahead. To guide them throughout their season, we created a calendar that can be filled with their different sessions.

Club culture

There are pitches all over the country where young people can play football. Every weekend, the KNVB organises more than 30,000 matches. Youngsters now arrive on the pitch better prepared than ever before. Because during the week, youth coaches prepared their training sessions with ease. The 4+ star rating of the Rinus app indicates the value it has for members.