Branding the digital theatre for live happenings

Our world doesn’t need another platform. It deserves a theatre. HYMN is the digital stage for original happenings. A new startup from Amsterdam, with the mission to unite people around the world through a shared love of music. This case highlights the launch. With a holistic design approach, we help to create everything from the ground up; the brand, web design, app design, and marketing.

Putting the soul back into streaming

HYMN is the digital stage of the future for global shows from international stars. Our theatre puts you right there in the action. So you can be part of electric shows and explore in-depth conversations with your favorite artists. An experience that feels special from the moment you enter the ticket shop, and stays with you long after the stream.

Digital theatre app

The HYMN app is your hub for all performances to come. Not unlike a physical theater, the entire experience happens in one central location. The app is where you reserve your tickets, take your front seat, and enjoy the show with others around the world. And because music is best enjoyed together, it allows you to invite a friend for free.

World-class production

Working with the most meaningful artists, we create truly original shows. With a stellar production team to bring their musical ode to life. Technical guidance comes from Bolke Burnaby Lautier, who previously worked with Coldplay, U2, Taylor Swift, and The Rolling Stones. Lighting design is by Arf & Yes, the lighting company behind last year's major online fashion shows for Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, and Versace.

Your front row seat, plus one

HYMN unites people around the world, through a shared love of music. Our shows are available to fans in 31 countries. With HYMN, every member of the audience has a front row seat. For each ticket you buy, you’ll receive one you can share with a friend, family member, or fellow fan. Because music should be enjoyed together.

Opening act

The very first artist to perform on HYMN's digital stage was Davina Michelle, one of the most internationally successful music artists from the Netherlands. With three livestreams around the globe, her debut HYMN Original took place on June 9 — a musical ode to the personal journey that led her to find her voice. It was covered by major Dutch media outlets such as RTL Boulevard, Humberto Tan, and Shownieuws.