Building the Movement
for Moral Ambition

The School for Moral Ambition isn't just about education — it's about collective action. Bregman’s new book 'Morele ambitie' forms the backbone of the curriculum, how to work towards a better future. As we set out to kickstart a movement, we embraced universal symbols of conversations, urgency, and ambition for its brand identity.

The design system started with the cover of the book, and evolved into a growing brand experience. For The School, we wanted to mirror the drive the design radiates, and add a layer of mystery to convey the challenges ahead. We found the answer in a rich color set combined with digital wood work — to celebrate commitment through craftsmanship.

Moral Ambition Circles

The Circles are the starting points for personal growth, as they grow with you and lead the path. The wooden objects are constantly moving, turning ambition into tangible artifacts. The signature logo adds towards the commitment, as a pledge to the future.

The School brings together the people aiming to turn their awareness into action. Central to the visual language is the visual metaphor of joining a group and opening up: a circle of chairs. The Dutch-designed Result chair, by Friso Kramer, was found in every classroom in the Netherlands in the 1960s and '70s. Many Dutch people grew up with this iconic chair, making it the perfect symbol for The School for Moral Ambition.

Videos with pioneers full of moral ambition to kickstart the launch

Moral ambition is the desire to dedicate your career to addressing the major challenges of our time, from climate change and child mortality to combating the tobacco industry. Consider the activism of human rights advocate Mpanzu Bamenga, the advocacy of lung doctor Wanda de Kanter, and the sustainable entrepreneurship of Adnan Oner and Jacqueline van den Ende.

The launch video series was created and produced in close collaboration with Encrite. The series serves as an introduction to The School for Moral Ambition foundation and brought together leaders to endorse the movement for moral ambition with the slogan 'put your ideals to work'.

The low-code, no-code
movement way of working

As the team of The School for Moral Ambition steps into the spotlight, we're strengthening The School's digital platform for resilience. We've optimized the system to effortlessly manage peak traffic during prime television appearances, and ensure a seamless experience for every visitor. Regardless of the surge in interest following Bregman's upcoming appearance, the platform will remain swift and user-friendly.

Branding for programs,
from Fellowships to Circles

At the heart of the school's experience, members find the Moral Ambition Circles and the Moral Ambition Fellowships. These fellowships offer a transformative journey, demanding full commitment as you pivot your career among ambitious peers. With guidance from top-tier guest speakers, we focus on what truly matters — equipping you to address the most critical, overlooked challenges ahead.

The Circles are groups of people on their journey to explore moral ambition over the course of seven sessions. We made the road to apply as easy as possible — all you need to do is sign up through the website via email or LinkedIn, invite others to join your moral challenge, and start preparing for your first session. We've designed and developed educational materials — including prep videos, readings and more — to ensure you're always well-equipped to host.

Put your ideals to work, for there's nothing more fulfilling than using your talent to change the world.

That's why, we're helping to open the online doors of The School. We are building the brand, launching the platform, hosting the team in our office, and kick-starting the testing phase in the Netherlands.

Throughout the year, we’re growing the impact, community, and scope of the School for Moral Ambition internationally. We know that following one's moral ambition takes commitment and dedication, and we aim to make that journey as valuable as possible. Sign up to the newsletter below and be the first to know when The School for Moral Ambition comes to your hometown.