Designing digital theatre HYMN from the ground up

HYMN is not just another platform. It's the digital stage for original happenings. Inspired by the magic of the early days of cinema, we set out to build an immersive digital theatre from the ground up. To put the soul back into streaming.

With our custom iOS and web app, we create a holistic experience that feels special from the moment you enter the ticket shop and stays with you long after the show. With an inviting landing page as the entrance to the theater.

Introducing a young startup

For startups, it’s crucial to communicate in a friendly way that's inspiring and clear. From day one, we build trust with an inviting landing page. As the entrance to the theatre. To introduce the concept and spark curiosity. Followed by an urgent call-to-action and breezy check-out flow to drive those ticket sales.

Digital theatre app

The HYMN app is your hub for all performances to come. Not unlike a physical theater, the entire experience happens in one central location. The app is where you reserve your tickets, take your front seat, and enjoy the show with others around the world. And because music is best enjoyed together, it allows you to invite a friend for free.

Cinematic countdown

Half an hour before the show, the HYMN app automatically reconfigures into start mode. A cinematic countdown by Momkai sets in, with music by Eauxmar — the talented composer behind Apple’s Keynote addresses. Sound and visuals work in concert to build tension in a subtle way, while familiarizing visitors with the brand.

Setting the stage

While you wait for the big moment, HYMN assists you in setting the stage for the best possible live experience. With a press of the button, the show is projected onto the big screen, by casting it to your external tv or monitor. And if you’re still preparing drinks moments before launch, a ticking sound serves as a gentle reminder to take your seat.

3 global livestreams, 1 HYMN Original

Showtime. With three livestreams around the world, HYMN brings a one-time cinematic experience to fans in 31 countries. A moment that you need to be there for, that you won't want to miss. During the livestream, Momkai oversees every frame, from the intro to the outro.

Celebrating together

HYMN works with inspiring artists to bring their musical ode to the world. Each HYMN Original is a meaningful moment, for artists and audiences alike. A celebration of the coming together that music creates. An experience that is all the more captivating precisely because it doesn’t last forever.

Amplifying the story

With a clear email sequence and detailed storyline for social media, we build momentum for the upcoming show. We pull you into the narrative by revealing new details and behind-the-scenes footage in a balanced rhythm. With clean designs and a touch of mystery, to give a taste of what’s to come.