Designing a brand to change fast food for good

Hawaiian is on a mission to set a new standard for the fast food industry — to make healthy meals as inclusive and effortless as possible. To get there, they needed a visual identity to match. We worked with the Hawaiian team to create a brand and build a website that conveys those values, catches the eye, and helps them stand out from the crowd.

Inspiring healthy food choices with a landmark logo

In collaboration with our friends at Buutvrij, we brought the Hawaiian vision to life. We created a relaxed, inviting atmosphere based on Buutvrij's brand positioning — reminiscent of a summer vacation. The iconic letter 'H' stands out from the urban landscape with its warm sunny glow and invites you to take a mini holiday while enjoying good food with family and friends.

Set the scene with a sunlit color palette

To accentuate Hawaiian's brand, we developed a vibrant and distinctive color palette. It's an evolution of the brand's original heritage and is inspired by the rising sun. Meet Mango Yellow, Sunset Orange, and Comforting Burgundy, complemented by Beach White to add a light and airy feel.The color set complements the wavy palm trees and natural wooden interiors inside Hawaiian stores.

A visual language with vibrant patterns and welcoming illustrations

To add an extra layer of versatility to the brand, we created distinctive patterns. These can be used to enrich creative assets, from social posts to landing page backgrounds. Additionally, we created a custom set of friendly, inviting, and inclusive illustrations that further bring the brand to life.

Build a future classic with retro-inspired typography

For Hawaiian's typography, we wanted a fresh take on the retro aesthetic of classic American fast food restaurants — and to set a new standard for the future. We settled on Gazpacho Black as the main display font, complemented by Satoshi as the body font. Together, they bring an inviting, relaxed, and unique feel to the brand.

A new online home for Hawaiian

After we'd nailed down the brand identity, it was time to bring it to life online. Our UX/UI and development teams blew this one out of the water — building a beautiful, robust, and easy-to-use website in just three weeks.The new Hawaiian site was built on Craft CMS and features a multilingual set up, supporting Dutch, English, and French to reflect Hawaiian's international audience. Our team built custom and reusable components that can be shared across pages, and empowered the Hawaiian team with the ability to view live previews and test content before publishing.

Unique touchpoints and sustainable packaging

What’s a future classic without memorable packaging? To move away from clichés and add a unique touch, we applied our new patterns to all of Hawaiian’s utensils and packaging. Each takeaway bowl features a quality seal of approval on its recycled plastic wrapper. This further emphasizes the brand's ambition toward sustainability and excellence.