De Correspondent

Designing an award-winning audio app for noise-canceling journalism

Thanks to the support of members from over 140 countries, we were able to design the first Correspondent App. Listen to podcast shows, documentaries, and previously unheard voices. An audio app for stories that uncover the systems that underpin our world. No clickbait. No hype. No ads. Just a healthy dose of noise-canceling journalism.

Apps that fit journalism into busy lives

The editorial teams of De Correspondent and The Correspondent recognized that there were multiple demands on the time of their members. Reading in-depth stories can often be a challenge. To solve that problem, they wanted to offer members the ability to enjoy articles while doing other activities. An app is a far more pleasant way to listen to audio stories than via the website. Therefore, we set out to design the best member experience audio could offer. We were delighted to see our work recognized with a 2022 Red Dot Design Best of the Best Award.

Apps that safeguard members' privacy

With an owned app, the editorial teams were no longer solely reliant on third-party platforms, such as Soundcloud and Spotify. De Correspondent has a strong stance on data privacy, and with third-party platforms, that privacy couldn't be guaranteed. By designing an app, we created a way for journalists to offer members a privacy-friendly way to listen to articles.

An award-winning audio experience

In 2022, the app received a 2022 Red Dot Best of the Best Design Award. We were honored to see that our hard work on the experience, design, and strategy of the project was recognized.

Designed for iOS and Android, the app shows documentaries, collections, shows, and the stories you’ve recently listened to. When you click on a podcast, the player will open with a short description, a sharing button, a link to the text version, and the conversation that follows the story. Here members can ask questions to the correspondent or share knowledge. The story a member listens to will be visible in a mini-player at the bottom of the screen. It continues to play even if a member closes the app.