Helping a rebellious startup tell their AI-powered story online

A revolutionary privacy-first conversion platform, Mutiny, wanted a brand that would help them positively disrupt the market. They needed a partner who could translate their bold vision and powerful product into a user-friendly webpage that generates leads and sparks interest.

Showing the power of the product

Mutiny’s core offering is their unique tool that identifies website visitors and customizes landing pages in real time — powering brands like Notion and Twilio. The end result: personalized experiences for every visitor.

Our team built a usable demo version of their tool so that everyone could see its power firsthand. Visitors who are curious about the magic of Mutiny can see how it works on their own website in four simple steps. Within seconds you can enter your website, select a segment, customize it, launch, and start seeing the potential revenue growth for yourself.

Creating customized animations to accentuate the brand’s bold nature

To reinforce the core rebellious nature of the tech platform, we added movement and life to their website. As a base for our custom animations, we used the daring color set developed by our partners from Jolby. Besides animating, we stylized the interface elements, such as the customer playbooks, to even further demonstrate the product’s functionality.

Crafting a modular illustration system with hundreds of artwork variations

Together we thought about how to make Mutiny’s capabilities even more understandable and accessible. As a solution, we created a modular illustration system for a series of instructional and practical playbooks.

This content allows prospects to see Mutiny through the eyes of their clients and directly discover the tool’s benefits. Our modular illustration system helped ensure each playbook was identifiable, distinct, and visually appealing. By piecing different elements together, the Mutiny team can now easily and efficiently create hundreds of playbook artworks.