Casual about dating, serious about community

Meet Breeze, the Dutch dating app set to change the way we date — by building meaningful connections face-to-face. Together, we matched their ambitions with a scroll-stopping brand that celebrates the excitement of dating. We’ve provided Breeze with all the tools they need to become a leading dating app in Europe.

Your match-making best friend

Breeze is a values-driven dating platform, highly-focused on privacy and completely ad-free. Unlike other dating platforms, Breeze is determined to get you off their app and out on a date. When there’s a match, members schedule a date right away. Breeze picks the location and pays for the first drink.

Momkai created a brand personality and strategy that embodies that match-making mindset. We positioned Breeze as your personal wingwoman. Trust, safety, and support are of the essence, balanced with moments of joy.

Building a boost of confidence

Using our member-focused design strategy, we invited different Breeze users to share their thoughts. Within our interviews, we learned that Breeze’s unique focus — getting you out on a date — is what makes people most nervous, but also most excited. Members needed a boost of confidence to take the plunge and go on a semi-blind date.

We crafted a strategy for Breeze that perfectly balances trust and excitement. We take off the pressure and focus on building a community that is looking for a fun way to meet someone new. An open invitation to rediscover the fun and excitement of real dates.

Clear messaging, no noise

When a company is growing rapidly like Breeze, streamlined messaging is crucial for connecting with new audiences. We cut through the noise and shifted the focus from product features like ‘Our algorithm does X’ to emotional benefits like ‘Find matches you’ll really like.’ The messaging framework allows Breeze’s internal creative team to build new assets while staying true to their core.

Visualizing moments of joy

Breeze is serious about dating, but a date itself is a moment of joy. Where our verbal identity instills trust and safety, our visual identity sparks a feeling of excitement.

We uplifted the entire brand, from app icon to typography to play into the anticipation of a date. The bold Manuka font makes a statement and its quirky details add lightness to the dating scene. Combined with spontaneous snapshot photography, we capture people in their happiest, most genuine, energetic, and exciting moments.

Growing to 6,000 dates a month

An out-of-home and online campaign launched the new Breeze identity and grew their user base to an average of 6,000 dates per month. By shifting focus from product features to emotional benefits, we’ve provided the Breeze creative team with all the tools they need to become one of the leading dating apps in Europe.

Even more exciting: we’ve heard that the first Breeze-connected wedding and first Breeze babies are already on their way. On to many more!