Elementary data

Bringing joy to the abstract world of data

All data developers know — data can be stubborn and wild, leading to endless headaches and frantic keyboard bashing. Enter Elementary, the Data Observability tool that transforms those nerve-wracking moments into moments of delight.

Powered by Elementary's vibrant community, it has successfully fostered a shared product-led vision, complete with dedicated fans and ambassadors. Elementary entrusted Momkai with the task of crafting a visual and verbal identity that elevates the potential joy within data into a premium brand experience.

Geeking out with the community

The one thing data developers have in common is that they truly care for their data. Yet, most data observability tools simply display graphs and lack a sense of geekiness.

Momkai translated the shared love for data into characters: the Data Droplets. Like data, the mascots are always on the move. The tiny firefighters come to the rescue when one of them gets stuck and data pillars form interactive infographics when Elementary needs a data visualization. Subtle winks and smiles build a personal connection — elevating Elementary’s personal approach.

Keeping it playful in messaging

At Elementary, the community comes first. Powered by a Memberful Design approach, Momkai strengthened Elementary’s position as the go-to companion that helps detect and resolve data fires in real-time — ensuring that developers can provide high-quality, reliable data to their teams and customers.

Building on the personal connection, Momkai took a playful approach to messaging as well. From 'Keep your cheeky data in check' to 'Got a stubborn data issue bugging you? We help you debug,' the messaging matrix is filled with cheeky one-liners."

Company swag you actually want

A community-powered brand like Elementary needs a great set of company swag. The data characters come to live in Slack-emoji’s, personalised avatars and swag the community actually can wear.  When a brand like Elementary is all about eliminating stress, the most powerful acquisition tool is a stress ball. Elementary to the rescue!