Creating from scratch

To make waves in the competitive speaker market, you need to deliver something special. Taking full advantage of the opportunity to start from scratch, we designed every part of Lowdi ourselves. From speaker to website, brand to box, campaign to cables, we left our mark on Lowdi’s creative strategy, look and feel, and tone of voice.

Creating from scratch

Building a digital centre stage

While Lowdi was also sold in high streets, it mainly lived online. This led to a digital flagship store on one single page. A concise, but engaging, experience that guided users from brand to specs and sales.

With a responsive design that ensures the best experience on any device, Lowdi set the tone instead of marching to the competition's old tune.

Building a digital centre stage

Animation by CRCR

Defining Lowdi’s signature

Determined to set Lowdi apart in a crowded marketplace, we started with a unique name. “Lowdi” is a characterful wordmark that makes reference to music and is easy on the ear. The speaker’s design was inspired by Marshall amplifiers and 1950s German engineering; the handwritten logo added a personal touch. Together, they gave the brand an eye-catching personality, which was cranked up by a bold colour scheme and CRCR’s bespoke animation.

Collaborating with Ed Banger Records and Colette

We generated publicity for the Lowdi brand by working with successful names in the music industry. Renowned DJs including Lefto and Full Crate made “A Mix Called Lowdi” – hours of great tunes, embraced by music lovers of all stripes.

Strong collaborations with Colette, Carhartt WIP, Ed Banger Records, and Heineken enabled Lowdi to make even bigger audiences swoon. Lowdi refused to fit in with the competition and successfully conquered Europe.

Collaborating with Ed Banger Records and Colette

Lowdi: co-founded by Momkai



  • Identity design
  • Illustration
  • Art direction
  • Strategy
  • Platform design
  • Motion design
  • Development
  • Event design

Momkai loves music. Multiply that by a desire to work truly holistically and you get a powerful partnership and a brand-new Bluetooth speaker.

Through a unique joint venture, in which Momkai served as the creative partner of the product supplier Linkeet, we made our dream come true. We joined forces to build a new product and a new brand: a little box called Lowdi.

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