Red Bull Studios

Building a creative haven for global talent

Red Bull Studios are a series of unique recording spaces for upcoming musical talent, where artists can be truly creative. With a network of 11 locations around the world, from Tokyo to LA. We were invited to create the brand identity and digital platform to amplify global talent and unite the international music community.

Global network for rising stars

Red Bull Studios provides unique recording spaces for upcoming artists and producers in 11 cities around the globe. With free access to state-of-the-art equipment. A place for rising stars and established artists to put together new ideas and write music together. To meet up with the community and join live events. From inspirational talks with artists like Kaytranada to an album listening party with Pharrell.

Unifying brand identity

Working closely together with the Red Bull Media House in Salzburg, we created an overarching brand identity for all Red Bull Studios around the world. To unite their global network of artists and producers, from New York to Tokyo. With a distinct visual language for every city, to reflect the uniqueness of the concept and the exclusive qualities of each location. Supported by clear guidelines and a practical design toolkit.

Platform for unique content

To further amplify musical talent on a global scale, we built a tailored digital platform from the ground up. Driven by stories, brought to life with quality photography and adaptive design. Where fans can enjoy unique performances and interviews, and aspiring artists can learn from the best in the trade. With rich content formats as a window into the world of the artist. From live streams to music kits.

Tailored experience for every music lover

The Red Bull Studios community consists of a wide variety of music lovers, from upcoming artists to world-famous producers. The digital platform provides a tailored experience for every type of member. From tools for music curators to discover promising artists, to training materials for aspiring musicians.