A trustworthy brand identity for a powerful new technology

mintBlue is a powerful API that enables businesses to store data directly on the blockchain — making it accessible, secure, and fraud-resistant. They challenged us to translate their many capabilities into an easily understood brand identity in order to grow their business.

Grounded messaging to debunk the blockchain bias

We've all heard of blockchain, but few understand its capabilities. Worse, it's often mentioned in the same breath as crypto, seen by many as a get-rich-quick scheme.

mintBlue is the opposite — their practical API builds secure, flexible, and powerful infrastructure that allows businesses to firmly control their own data.

Together, we crafted messaging that cleared away confusion around blockchain and highlighted the challenges that mintBlue can help businesses solve. We focused on a narrative that is grounded in reality and supported by concrete proof points — while demonstrating to potential mintBlue customers the benefits of using their tech.

A balanced aesthetic for a distinctive identity

We introduced an updated color palette for the growing brand. The primary colors, mint and aubergine, are set against a crisp white background. Bright blue is used sparingly as a highlight color while dark grey serves as a secondary color and adds a calming touch. Together, they add up to a distinctive and eye-catching visual identity.

The color palette includes color variations to help future designers introduce dynamic details. This approach allowed us to create flexible, compelling designs that remain true to the brand identity.

Leveling up an existing brand for lasting appeal

To optimize the mintBlue logo for legibility, we have given it a robust and full appearance. The capital "B" and the hexagon dot on the "i" add a slight nod to the concept of the blockchain, without making it the overpowering focus.

The integrated versatile typeface comes in a range of weights, allowing the typography to be bold and striking or delicate and elegant. It adds to the sophisticated, yet technical brand identity.

Telling a brand story with custom illustrations

Working with the mintBlue team, we added a hexagonal brand emblem into their distinct visual language, to shape and enhance their brand identity. The emblem serves as a base pattern that can be expanded upon in future designs, such as animations, websites, and social media. It adds a cohesive and recognisable touch to all of the visual materials while illustrating the innovative data storage capabilities of the brand.

In addition to emblems, we used visual elements like icons to show the brand in a different light. To maintain a professional aesthetic, we went for a consistent but versatile icons set that captures the core brand values of trustworthiness, openness, and expertise.