Building a strategic brand identity for the future of education

LessonUp is an innovative education technology startup that enables thousands of teachers to make every class more engaging, fun, and effective. They approached us with a challenge — to refine their brand as they pushed into the global market.

Shifting focus from product to progress

LessonUp had grown in the Netherlands successfully for years as teachers organically adopted their interactive teaching software in the classroom.

Once teachers used their product, they loved it — but getting them to try an unfamiliar tool was a challenge. We refined the core message and visuals of the brand to present the benefits LessonUp could deliver, with a focus on continuous progress for teachers and students.

Crafting a professional identity to inspire teachers

Many education-focused companies rely on a red, blue, and yellow primary color palette, giving them a childlike look. LessonUp initially used a similar palette, making it hard for them to stand out from the crowd.

Our design team developed a bolder direction to reflect LessonUp’s focus audience — adult teachers. The use of a bright, electric yellow, paired with calmer tones nods to both the innovative nature of the product while keeping it professional and welcoming. These are also distinctive and memorable colors, worthy of a forerunner in a field of educational solutions.

Scalable design solutions for a growing brand

Our approach with LessonUp was tailored to their current size, but can grow to keep pace with their ambitions. We helped them find their visual voice by creating flexible photography guidelines, choosing a tailored illustration library, and accessible, modern Google fonts.

Bringing the brand to life online

Together with the LessonUp team, we designed, authored, and wireframed a new homepage for the refreshed brand. We conducted user interviews, sat in on classrooms, and completed a competitor scan. With the knowledge we gained, we translated the new core message and visual identity into a bright, modern, clear, and usable new online web presence.