Designing brand identities

Designing brand identities

Stand out with a distinctive identity that expresses your values and personality. With a recognizable look and feel that team members and others can proudly affiliate themselves with.

Momkai creates holistic brands, grounded in design principles of calm and clarity. With an outspoken tone-of-voice and expressive visual language that sets your brand apart. Iconic in its simplicity, with a human touch that invites engagement and connection.

From strategic alignment to visual language

We begin by clarifying your founding principles first and foremost, and then work together to share that purpose with the world. Guiding principles capture the essence of your organization in strong and affirmative language, serving as the foundation for the brand identity.

Through elaborate concept designs, we sketch the future brand landscape for you. From rich digital assets to desirable branded goods. We build a visual language from cohesive design elements that are flexible in application. With clear guidelines for perfect execution.

Want to stand out with a fresh and sustainable brand identity?

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