Unbreaking news

Instead of describing problems and stopping there, the correspondents on the online platform we design want to look for solutions with the members; as a smarter coverage of structural, long term developments that shape the world around us.

The #unbreakingnews van

The campaign

As Momkai we worked together with The Correspondent and Blue State Digital in New York to lay out the strategy for this global movement for unbreaking news. We designed and executed a complete campaign in all its outings.

Together with the development team of De Correspondent we have build a custom crowdfunding platform. With Bureau NY we created a series of launch videos in which, amongst others, DeRay Mckesson, Rosanne Cash, and Nate Silver explain our mission.

The goal

With a website that performed with a conversation rate of 15% we reached our goal of $2.5 million exactly 34 hours before the deadline. The median pledge by members from almost 140 countries was $30, truly making The Correspondent a grassroots movement for unbreaking news.

Founding members will get a one-year membership to The Correspondent when the platform launches on September 30, 2019; a news site completely free of ads and sponsored content; and most importantly, featuring stories every day that will help you understand the world around you.

The roots

The roots of this platform lie with the Dutch platform De Correspondent. Launched in Amsterdam in 2013, we set a crowdfunding world record by raising over $1.7 million from 19,000 backers.

Today, this ad-free antidote to breaking news has more than 60,000 members, making it one of the largest and fastest growing member funded journalism platforms in Europe.

The roots

The Correspondent: co-founded by Momkai


  • Identity design
  • Illustration
  • Art direction
  • Strategy
  • Platform design
  • Motion design
  • Development
  • Technical direction

As design studio Momkai we are founding partner of De Correspondent and The Correspondent. Our principled approach to design  —  design that serves readers  —  dovetails with the mission of The Correspondent to be a news outlet optimized for trust.

For more information contact growth director Alex van Straaten via +31 6 29532859 or alex@momkai.com.

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