Partying for professionals

Red Monday is a big thank-you from Red Bull to the nightlife industry. It celebrates the community, immerses its members in Red Bull’s world, and strengthens their relationship with the brand.

But the Red Monday parties lacked unity, leading to inconsistent experiences for visitors. And the organisers at Red Bull were feeling fatigue towards the concept. It was time to boost the brand.

Rethinking a household name

We started our explorations by creating a video manifesto: a characterful statement that helped us and Red Bull to define the brand. From there, we rethought the Red Monday experience – before, during and after the party – to figure out what the new identity needed to convey.

By looking into Red Monday’s rich legacy, talking to organisers worldwide, and applying our holistic design philosophy, we created a futureproof identity that took Red Monday back to its roots: bold, empowering, and dynamic, an unapologetic party from announcement to aftermovie.

Driven by the beat

For most people, Monday is just the beginning of another week. A slow start, a far cry from the weekend just past. But Red Monday isn’t your average Monday. It’s alive. It has rhythm. While others flatline, we party.

Red Monday’s logo conveys this energy through the stark Futura Bold typeface and a striking illustration representing exclusivity and wonder. The colours salute Red Bull’s heritage: red dominates and activates, while blue provides the perfect midnight backdrop.

From Manchester to Moscow, Baku to Bangkok

The logo transmits a bold identity designed to make a visual impact and empower local initiatives. The modern, dynamic visual language perfectly suits the ever-changing digital landscape, adding ease of use and connectivity to the Red Monday experience.

We applied Red Monday’s visual language everywhere, from personal invitations to Polaroids, VJ clips to flags. The aim was to create an experience that would leave an impact well beyond a damn good Monday night out – an effect that would be felt from Manchester to Moscow, Goa to Groningen, Baku to Bangkok.

Red Bull Global & Momkai



  • Identity design
  • Illustration
  • Art direction
  • Strategy
  • Motion design

Red Bull’s global head office invited Momkai to create an official digital platform and a powerful visual identity for Red Bull Studios, its worldwide stage for up-and-coming artists from all over the planet.

We subsequently created the next-level version of that platform, plus a brand-new identity for the company’s Red Monday thank-you parties for bar staff and club owners.

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