Creating a royal launch

The launch day was packed, with scientists including Robbert Dijkgraaf, Hans Clevers, and Harvard Cancer Center’s David Livingston sharing their perspectives on the institute.

With the help of stage production professionals from International Theater Amsterdam, we created an immersive launch ceremony. The Queen performed a swipe movement, triggering our custom sound, lighting and animation sequence, which told the Oncode story with impact.

Introducing the institute through animation

The centrepiece of the ceremony, the animated video, is designed as an elegantly simple and straightforward introduction to the institute and what it stands for. With a crystal-clear visual style, a tone of voice that expresses authority, and a storyline that’s easy to understand, it serves as the most important piece of communication conveying the institute's aims.

Constructed entirely of elements that feature in the institute’s logo, the animation brings to life the design language of Oncode’s brand identity. Through absolute abstraction, organic design and smooth motion, the images achieve a near-perfect synergy with the friendly voiceovers by Gijs Scholten van Aschat and Tim Gunther.

Sharing the founding principles

The Queen was presented with the first copy of Oncode Institute’s founding principles booklet – a conveniently sized, carefully crafted gift that makes the virtual institute tangible. Instead of the usual flowers, the Queen was able to take home an explanation of the core aims of Oncode Institute. The founding principles were written by Momkai.

Holistic design

After the launch ceremony, the guests at the packed and fully branded venue enjoyed informative talks by patients, fundamental and clinical researchers, valorisation experts, and funders. Momkai worked hard to design the banners, speakers’ presentations, signage, badges, tickets, and other elements so that our clean branding would stand out calmly in the elaborately decorated interior. This approach brought the brand and its values across to everyone present, as well in the press.

National impact

Though Oncode Institute’s launch event was closed to the public, media coverage of it reached an estimated 11 million people. Thanks to the press, TV shows, radio hosts and social media, the majority of the Dutch population heard about Oncode Institute – and saw our event design – instantly making Oncode a household name synonymous with excellence and innovation in cancer research.

Oncode Institute & Momkai


  • Illustration
  • Art direction
  • Strategy
  • Motion design
  • Branding
  • Event design

From the very genesis of Oncode Institute, an independent centre dedicated to understanding cancer and translating research into practice, Momkai is proud to have designed Oncode from the ground up – from the name to the full visual identity, from the tagline to the founding principles book, from the digital platform to the royal launch event.

We have worked throughout in close collaboration with the Oncode team, the five Founding Scientists, and the four funders, who will invest €120 million over five years.

For more information contact managing director David van Zeggeren via +31 6 23826881 or

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