Getting on the ball

We changed the game by combining KNVB’s digital star players – the websites,, and – into a well-balanced team. Integrating them into one platform and reconfiguring each site to deepen engagement has given users a seamless experience spanning every aspect of football and evoking a lifetime of football participation.

From personal dashboards to proud national teams

The holistic design utilises dynamic slanted lines and strong visual storytelling to create a sportive look and feel. This style unites the sites while enabling them to distinguish themselves.

Each site’s character is amplified by its colour scheme. Business blue reflects the association’s empowering knowledge, grass green enlivens the amateur footballer’s personal dashboard, and powerful orange proudly showcases our national teams.

A shared goal

By uniting all the KNVB’s sites, apps and tools, the design improves everyone’s understanding of what the Royal Netherlands Football Association does and stands for. It positions the KNVB more strongly than ever as the driving force behind the nation’s favourite pastime: football.

Rinus - Explainer video

KNVB & Momkai


  • Illustration
  • Art direction
  • Strategy
  • Platform design
  • Motion design
  • Development
  • Technical direction

The Royal Netherlands Football Association (KNVB) is the country’s largest sports association, serving 1.2 million members and many, many other fans.

Momkai has built a strong relationship with the association, becoming its preferred design partner across all brands and providing consulting up to C level.

For more information, contact growth director Alex van Straaten via +31 6 29532859 or

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