Going beyond the headlines

As co-founders and designers, we helped launch independent, ad-free journalism platform De Correspondent in 2013. To create in-depth journalism that contributes to a better society. Supported by more than 70.000 members today, who stand behind the mission.

Now it’s time for the next step, with the brand new Correspondent Foundation. To enable proactive journalistic projects on important topics that don’t get the attention they deserve. Made possible by engaged members, who contribute both financially and through knowledge-sharing.

Creating a center stage for change

To provide members with the best experience, the website is clean and focused. As a center stage for the mission and the projects the foundation makes possible. With custom illustrations to visualize the constructive change that members contribute to.

The site connects with supporters who believe in proactive journalism. Those who want to go beyond the headlines and make a positive change. This includes existing members of De Correspondent who share the wish to turn journalism into action.

Foundation design that cultivates calm

Like the platform, the visual identity of the Correspondent Foundation cultivates calm. With Harvest Gold as the primary brand color, inspired by fields of wheat in the harvest season. Honoring the members and their contribution to quality journalism, unfolding over time.

Based on the visual identity, we created a set of comprehensive and easy-to-use templates that live fully in the cloud. In this way, it looks good anywhere, with minimal effort. So that team members can focus on what is really important.

Correspondent Foundation & Momkai


    • Identity design
    • Art direction
    • Platform design
    • Technical direction
    • Branding

    Social progress requires constructive journalism. That is why we've helped to design and launch the new Correspondent Foundation. A memberful initiative for projects that contribute to a more sustainable society.

    With a new brand identity, digital platform and impactful illustrations by Momkai.

    For more information contact growth director Alex van Straaten via +31 6 29532859 or alex@momkai.com.

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