Events: a continuation of the user experience

Empowering our community of members means bringing a digital concept into the physical world. It means enabling our correspondents to act as conversation leaders and our audience to contribute in the real world just as they do online. To achieve this, we built event identities that tied the digital and physical together in a single experience.

The Festival of Progress

To capture the festival’s progressive nature, we created an unorthodox visual language. Its motion-driven style contrasted light-heartedly with the serious subjects at hand. The colour palette looked to the future, while retro references expressed the need for progress.

The festival’s themes were represented in looping animations. Their playful details – only noticeable over time – kept visitors visually interested until three in the morning. The animations combined to form the festival logo, presenting the future as a world full of opportunities.

The Festival of Progress

The Festival of Progress Themes

Designing for consistency and clarity

We go the extra mile for visual consistency, leaving no element – physical or digital – untouched. For the Festival of Progress, every speaker presentation, all signage, stages and lighting, and the website were created from one identity concept.

Our holistic approach brought a quintessentially digital platform into the physical realm and encouraged people to look toward a brighter future.

De Correspondent: co-founded by Momkai



  • Identity design
  • Illustration
  • Art direction
  • Strategy
  • Platform design
  • Motion design
  • Development

De Correspondent was co-founded by Momkai’s founder, Harald Dunnink, and its CTO, Sebastian Kersten, along with editor-in-chief Rob Wijnberg and publisher Ernst-Jan Pfauth.

Since its successful launch, which set a world record for journalism crowdfunding, the online platform has acquired over 60,000 members, who happily pay for quality investigative journalism.

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