Designing a personality-packed brand identity

The Cowboy team is bursting with expertise, experience, and personality. Together, we crafted a stand-out identity that showcases their spirit and sets them apart.

We expanded their color palette with an activating dash of Amber Dawn on a calm base of Hay Gray to show warmth from the get go. A logo uplift and modern fonts with a touch of the Old West allow for connection while highlighting exquisite expertise.

A new website in no time

Our collaboration moved at a gallop, taking only 12 weeks from kick-off to website launch. We brought the Cowboy story and new identity to life through founder-focused UX and UI.'

We crafted a brand new website with a fully flexible CMS. The Cowboy team now has a smooth new platform which highlights their values, offerings, and inspiring track record. Even better, it speaks directly to their most important readers: startup founders and teams.

A bold messaging framework full of expertise

We crafted messaging that spotlights Cowboy’s unique character. With a nod to the heritage of the Old West and a touch of humor, we were able to show off their authentic core.

A practical identity captured in clear guidelines

The new Cowboy Ventures identity is warm yet rebellious, personal yet experienced, and reflects their powerhouse team with a persistent dash of fun.

They have full ownership of their new style with templates to brighten up social media, emails, reports, and presentations. We provided photography guidelines and content direction to ensure their new brand radiates wherever they go.

Cowboy Ventures & Momkai


    • Identity design
    • Art direction
    • Strategy
    • Platform design
    • Development
    • Copywriting

    The Cowboy Ventures team elevates founders and CEOs, helping them grow from seed to scale by providing incredible connections, experience, practical help, and a human touch.

    Our tight-knit, cross-disciplinary teamwork resulted in some proud and happy Cowpeople who are ready as ever to pursue their goals with passion.

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